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Diplomatic Hotel Mendoza
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Sustainability Policy Diplomatic Hotel

At Diplomatic Hotel we believe that we are responsible for raising awareness about the environmental, economic and social impacts of our actions, continuously managing practices in the use of all resources in order to prevent and reduce negative and maximize positive ones.

We understand innovation, adapt to dynamic realities as a characteristic of a learning organization.

In this sense, we validate and assume the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism and as agents of change, we detail the following commitments fulfilling the legal requirements applicable to sustainable management:

1 - Manage separation and classification of internal waste, incorporating to the collection circuit organizations, cooperatives and institutions that respond to the solution of social and / or environmental problems.

2 - Foment the rational use of energy, water and gas. Carry out different actions to reduce consumption through a preventive and corrective systemic plan.

3 - Raise awareness and form adequately to our employees in a continuous way, through courses and programs related to quality and the environment, proposing different activities that infect everyone to generate ideas, carry out projects and be protagonists of continuous improvement.

4 - Apply one Responsible purchase policy and maintain a permanent control of the products and services contracted to ensure quality.

5 - Spread the regional culture communicating our gastronomy, vitiviniculture, tourist information and actions with the community.

6 - Measure guest satisfaction manage the improvements that they propose after their experience in our Hotel.

7 - Evaluate and update periodically our objectives, as well as revise, modify and adapt our Management System to increasingly efficient actions to ensure continuous improvement

Likewise, we invite you to spread our sustainability policy to clients, suppliers and guests interested in the sustainable management of our hotel.

Santiago Alsina
Gerente General
Septiembre 2018
Certificado de Sustentabilidad
Tourist tips Responsible
Clean park: Take with you the garbage generated in your visit. Deposit them only in containers prepared for this.

Shhhh: Nature has its own sounds, discover them respecting their silences.

A fragile wealth: Everything that belongs to nature must remain in it. Do not alter the ecosystem.

Road care: Drive only at allowed speeds.

Scarce goods: Use natural resources such as energy and water, in moderation.

Discover the difference: Enjoy the customs and places of the local population. Come and interact, they have a story to tell you.

Contribute to the local economy: Consume products and services typical of the area, which boost its economy.

Join and share the tips of the responsible tourist.
Diplomatic Hotel
Diplomatic Hotel
Diplomatic Hotel
It is located in the department of Las Heras of the province of Mendoza. It is located within the Aconcagua Provincial Park.
Aconcagua is the highest peak of the southern and western hemispheres. It has two main peaks. For decades, the publications included the height of 6959.60 meters above sea level, and later that of 6962 meters above sea level.
It is a mountain frequented by mountaineers from all over the world, with an entrance of 6000 to 7000 visitors per season, which runs from December to March.
The first ascension to Aconcagua was made in 1897 by an expedition led by the British Edward FitzGerald (1871-1931). The summit was reached by the Swiss Matthias Zurbriggen on January 14 and by two other members of the expedition a few days later.
We invite you to discover this wonderful gift of nature together with experts, Grajales Expeditions.
Contact: grajales.net
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